New Job Required Chiropractic Intervention to Keep Me Working

I went from a union job where I worked bent over a lot smoothing out freshly poured concrete to working with my arms over my head. I bid on the job so that I could get an increase in pay. I am very active and work out too. However, when I switched what I make my body do for a living eight hours five days per week, I really started to have shoulder and neck problems. It got so painful that I could barely move when I first got up in the morning. That got me visiting a Peoria chiropractor for relief.

The doc adjusted me, and a large portion of the ache subsided almost immediately. However, I was advised that I needed to do therapy to retrain my body to use muscles I just did not use as much before. I used to work bent over, and now I work with my back arched in the opposite way with my arms reaching over my head. Different muscles were being used, and they would go into spasms causing me a lot of pain.

It took a couple of months of specific stretching and weightlifting therapy to get it so I did not need the adjustments and electrical stim as much. Just working the job was making it worse instead of better. I needed to specifically do exercises to retrain the muscles I was using now. After a couple of months I no longer needed all the adjustments, and I could do the exercises at home. Now I just go in when I have a particularly tough day at work.

I like how an adjustment of my upper back and neck pretty much has the pain dissolve immediately. Some days I hurry out of work to make it to my Peoria chiropractor for an adjustment so that I do not have pain all evening.

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