My Joint Pain is Greatly Reduced

I recently wondered is San Rafael chiropractors could do anything to reduce the joint pain I get from an arthritis condition. I’m under no illusions that I could find a chiropractor who could perform a miracle cure. Arthritis is a debilitating condition and there really is no cure as far as I am aware. It’s something you have to learn to live with and the pain is often horrifying. I wanted to try something different, however, because the medications I’m on didn’t seem to be helping anymore. I wondered if a chiropractor knew some technique that could help reduce the pain.

The doctors I’d been seeing thought the solution involved more painkillers. When one of them tried to talk me into trying fentanyl, I knew something was wrong. Isn’t that the stuff people are using and dying from overdoses around the country? I wasn’t about to risk an opioid addiction just to reduce this joint pain. I thought they couldn’t be serious trying to prescribe this stuff, but they were. That’s when I made up my mind to see a chiropractor. I just had to find the right person who knew what they were doing.

I soon found a chiropractor who knew a thing or two about join pain and they thought they could provide me some relief that wouldn’t involve dangerous narcotics. The chiropractor used deep heating to really get into the joints and sure enough I soon did feel better. Was the pain gone? No, but it was greatly reduced. One thing I noticed too is that I had greater range of movement and better flexibility as well. I could move my arms and legs further without getting as much pain as I used to before seeing the chiropractor. So I can say I’m very happy with seeking out an alternative method to reduce my arthritis pain.

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