My Friend Wants to Be a Chiropractor

Of course this guy is a lot smarter than me, although he actually seems to think that this means that he is going to be able to get by without working as hard. I think that was part of the reason that he said that he was thinking about how you get to be a chiropractor and I have to admit that I really had not a single clue how it is that you do this. If you asked me how to become a medical doctor I would tell you that you go to a good university and take a four year pre med curriculum. After that you try to get in a good medical school and you spend three years working your butt off. I think that even then you are not really done, since they do not exactly give you training wheels when people’s lives are in the balance. So you have to go to a hospital and serve a residency, which seems to be incredibly grueling and in some ways it is almost indentured servitude from what I have heard.

That was what this guy was talking about. He was saying that you had a similar route to just about any profession, but apparently he thought that you could get to be a chiropractor for a lot less blood sweat and treasure. I really do not have much idea, because when I asked him how he was going to do this he did not have much of an answer. He told me that he was still working on figuring it out. I laughed at him, but of course he has thought more of his plan than I have. I figure that the easiest thing for me will be to learn as much as I can about computers.

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