I Needed to Expand My Horizons Quickly for My Health

My neighbor told me that I should go into the city to see a chiropractor in San Francisco as soon as possible after he saw me hobble out to my mailbox because of my aching back. I asked him if he had ever been to one and was curious if they actually do what they say will accomplish for people with back problems. My neighbor was surprised because he thought everyone knew how well they can help people. I told him that I had never thought about going to one because I simply went to a doctor for everything. He said that is a mistake to do, and that I really should expand my line of thinking to look for outside help when traditional medical help turns out to be no help at all. He had a good point.

I have a habit of not looking at a bigger picture often in life. If something isn’t working, I often continue down the same path. It often causes problems to grow so much worse than they really need to be. It often takes someone remiding me to take a moment to focus and look around at other options. I’m glad my neighbor said something because I’d been going through the same bout of back pain for 3 weeks, and things were getting worse by the day. It was costing me money at work because I’m a real estate agent, and I couldn’t drive my clients around very well to tour houses. I had to make a change quickly or lose more money.

The chiropractor was a pretty nice guy. He said that he often sees a lot of people who come in for help after not having any luck elsehwhere. He went over a specific treatment plan with me after I pointed out what my problem was and how it occured. I feel great, and I will go again.

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