Emily Has Kicked Me out

I spent the morning sleeping on the floor of a friend’s place. Of course he has a couch, but it is just awful for sleeping on. He told me this and I just assumed that I could deal with it, but the floor was a better deal as it turns out. I would need a Beverly Hills chiropractor if I stayed here for long. At any rate I spent yesterday looking for a new apartment and I am also trying to find a good roommate. Obviously the arrangements that I had went bad, along with my relationship with Emily. It was not like I am without blame and so I am not going to claim that is the case, but it all blew up and now I have to pick up the pieces and see what can be done. In fact the place we were living in was not a very good location for me, but it was inexpensive since there were two of us splitting the cost of a single bedroom place.

A roommate is really key to this, because it would be really tough for me to afford a place on my own right now. I do not really have much money saved because I had to replace my car a few months ago. It had a serious problem which was just too expensive to be worth repairing and so I just sold it for scrap metal and got a different car. At any rate that really tapped out my savings and it would be tough for me to get a place on my own. Obviously you want to get someone who is going to follow through on their obligations. You need a roommate that does the stuff that you get a roommate to do. In fact you want to get one that is really easy to get along with or you will not be too happy.

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