My Friend Wants to Be a Chiropractor

Of course this guy is a lot smarter than me, although he actually seems to think that this means that he is going to be able to get by without working as hard. I think that was part of the reason that he said that he was thinking about how you get to be a chiropractor and I have to admit that I really had not a single clue how it is that you do this. If you asked me how to become a medical doctor I would tell you that you go to a good university and take a four year pre med curriculum. After that you try to get in a good medical school and you spend three years working your butt off. Continue reading

Quite Effective Treatment for Neuralagia

I searched online for Sacramento chiropractors because I developed a condition called neuralagia and got tired of having constant pain that medical doctors couldn’t seem to fix. I can’t even begin to tell you how many doctors I’ve gone to over the years in search of a solution to this serious nerve condition. I’ve seen everyone from general practitioners to head, neck, and throat specialists and not a one of them could ever seem to do much about it. Aside from prescriptions for dubious pharmaceutical drugs and standard painkillers, the accomplished nothing in managing the pain or condition.

Just getting a diagnoses took more than a few visits to various doctors and clinics. I had multiple scans until someone finally decided I suffered from this painful problem. If you’re not familiar with the condition, it’s centered on the head and it’s like having a really bad migraine headache with numbness and stabbing pains around your head and neck. It’s a real drag and it makes it difficult to function properly at work and in your private life. Continue reading

Emily Has Kicked Me out

I spent the morning sleeping on the floor of a friend’s place. Of course he has a couch, but it is just awful for sleeping on. He told me this and I just assumed that I could deal with it, but the floor was a better deal as it turns out. I would need a Beverly Hills chiropractor if I stayed here for long. At any rate I spent yesterday looking for a new apartment and I am also trying to find a good roommate. Obviously the arrangements that I had went bad, along with my relationship with Emily. It was not like I am without blame and so I am not going to claim that is the case, but it all blew up and now I have to pick up the pieces and see what can be done. In fact the place we were living in was not a very good location for me, but it was inexpensive since there were two of us splitting the cost of a single bedroom place. Continue reading

My Joint Pain is Greatly Reduced

I recently wondered is San Rafael chiropractors could do anything to reduce the joint pain I get from an arthritis condition. I’m under no illusions that I could find a chiropractor who could perform a miracle cure. Arthritis is a debilitating condition and there really is no cure as far as I am aware. It’s something you have to learn to live with and the pain is often horrifying. I wanted to try something different, however, because the medications I’m on didn’t seem to be helping anymore. I wondered if a chiropractor knew some technique that could help reduce the pain.

The doctors I’d been seeing thought the solution involved more painkillers. When one of them tried to talk me into trying fentanyl, I knew something was wrong. Isn’t that the stuff people are using and dying from overdoses around the country? I wasn’t about to risk an opioid addiction just to reduce this joint pain. Continue reading

A Licensed Medical Marijuana Clinic in Marlton

New Jersey has legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Marlton, the city in which I live now has a licensed medical marijuana clinic. I don’t know much about this subject and have decided to do a little bit of investigative research on this Marlton medical marijuana clinic. Thoughts went through my mind about how many differents types of people this clinic will attract. I live in a fairly safe neighbourhood not too far from the new medical facility and have wondered if that would change. I don’t intentionally stereotype people but like I said earlier this is all unknown to me.

Finding information on the clinic was quite easy and in no time I was directed to their website. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this is a reputable clinic that only recommends medical marijuana for qualified patients. You see, in order to get cannabis for medical use you have to have an ailment or disease that has been approved by the New Jersey Department of Health Services. You also have to provide the clinic with medical records that show your diagnosis. Continue reading

New Job Required Chiropractic Intervention to Keep Me Working

I went from a union job where I worked bent over a lot smoothing out freshly poured concrete to working with my arms over my head. I bid on the job so that I could get an increase in pay. I am very active and work out too. However, when I switched what I make my body do for a living eight hours five days per week, I really started to have shoulder and neck problems. It got so painful that I could barely move when I first got up in the morning. That got me visiting a Peoria chiropractor for relief.

The doc adjusted me, and a large portion of the ache subsided almost immediately. Continue reading

Why I Was Seeing a Chiropractor

When someone finds out that I go to a chiropractor in Phoenix AZ on a regular basis, they are usually concerned. Most think that I was in an accident, but I have never been in a car wreck in my entire life. I started going to a chiropractor about six years ago when I was just tired all of the time. I had no energy, and my regular doctor could not find anything wrong with me in the many tests that he did. He knew that something was wrong though, which is why he recommended that I see a chiropractor.

I made the appointment, and I was hopeful that maybe this was the missing step in regaining control of my life again. When I say I was tired all of the time, I really do mean that. I had no energy in the morning, even less in the afternoon, and I was totally wiped out by bedtime. The sad thing is that I was not doing anything strenuous. I have an office job, and I am able to get up and move around as much as I want during the day. Continue reading

I Needed to Expand My Horizons Quickly for My Health

My neighbor told me that I should go into the city to see a chiropractor in San Francisco as soon as possible after he saw me hobble out to my mailbox because of my aching back. I asked him if he had ever been to one and was curious if they actually do what they say will accomplish for people with back problems. My neighbor was surprised because he thought everyone knew how well they can help people. I told him that I had never thought about going to one because I simply went to a doctor for everything. Continue reading