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Why I Was Seeing a Chiropractor

When someone finds out that I go to a chiropractor in Phoenix AZ on a regular basis, they are usually concerned. Most think that I was in an accident, but I have never been in a car wreck in my entire life. I started going to a chiropractor about six years ago when I was just tired all of the time. I had no energy, and my regular doctor could not find anything wrong with me in the many tests that he did. He knew that something was wrong though, which is why he recommended that I see a chiropractor.

I made the appointment, and I was hopeful that maybe this was the missing step in regaining control of my life again. When I say I was tired all of the time, I really do mean that. I had no energy in the morning, even less in the afternoon, and I was totally wiped out by bedtime. The sad thing is that I was not doing anything strenuous. I have an office job, and I am able to get up and move around as much as I want during the day. Continue reading

I Needed to Expand My Horizons Quickly for My Health

My neighbor told me that I should go into the city to see a chiropractor in San Francisco as soon as possible after he saw me hobble out to my mailbox because of my aching back. I asked him if he had ever been to one and was curious if they actually do what they say will accomplish for people with back problems. My neighbor was surprised because he thought everyone knew how well they can help people. I told him that I had never thought about going to one because I simply went to a doctor for everything. Continue reading